The Sweet Talker

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Single Estate Coffee – Finca Buena Vista, Buenos Aires, Nariño, Colombia


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The Sweet Talker is the type of coffee that could convince you that you could do anything. It’s the type of coffee that convinces you that you’re having a great hair day, or that you got the best night of sleep you’ve had in years. With a sweet taste of burnt sugar, a juicy body and a hint of melon-tartness, it projects almost a crème brûlée-esque flavor into a black cup of coffee. This coffee pairs beautifully with dairy and sugar, either in the cup or on the side with breakfast or dessert. Meet your new best (caffeinated) friend.

The Technicalities

  • Processing Method – Washed
  • Flavor NotesBurnt sugar, juicy & melon
  • Estate – Finca Buena Vista
  • Region – Buenos Aires, Nariño, Colombia
  • Varietals – Caturra, Colombia
  • Altitude – 2100 masl
  • Extra Notes – Darwin Fernandez is a second-generation coffee producer and owner of Finca Buena Vista in Buenos Aires, Nariño. He works closely with two producers’ associations on extension programs with other producers and quality control. His coffee is mostly Caturra and Colombia, and follows an extended fermentation procedure before being sun-dried on patios.

NOTE: Since we are a small batch single origin roaster, we roast weekly for consumer orders.

Additional information


12oz, 5lb


Coffee Maker/Auto Drip, Espresso, French Press, Pour Over/Chemex, Whole Bean


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