The Sun Smuggler

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Single Estate Coffee – Nyeri Hill Estate, Kenya

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The Sun Smuggler tastes like this group of coffee beans got together to work out a way to steal the sun and deliver it directly to your cup. It’s so bright and vibrant that it tastes illegal, but for now, we can legally sell it, so I’d recommend trying it before it actually becomes illegal.

The Technicalities

  • Processing Method – Fully Washed
  • Flavor NotesTangerine, Grapefruit & Bright
  • Location – Nyeri Hill Estate, Nyeri County, Kenya
  • Varietals – SL28, SL34 & Riuru 11
  • Altitude – 1,500 masl
  • Fun Facts – Rainforest Alliance-certified

NOTE: Since we are a small batch single origin roaster, we roast weekly for consumer orders.

Additional information


12oz, 5lb


Coffee Maker/Auto Drip, Espresso, French Press, Pour Over/Chemex, Whole Bean


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