The Strawberry

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Single Origin Coffee – Kapchorwa, Mt Elgon, Uganda


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The Strawberry is your new jam. We mean that literally. It tastes like strawberry jam. We don’t want to waste your time trying to talk about complex tasting notes here. This one tastes like you stuck a spoon in a jar of strawberry preserves. The beans smell like strawberries. The ground coffee smells even more like strawberries. It’s phenomenal.

The Technicalities

  • Producer – Gamatui Community – Processed by by the Sipi Falls washing station owned by Kawacom
  • Region – Kapchorwa, Mt Elgon
  • Processing Method – natural
  • Flavor Notesstrawberries & jam
  • Variety – SL (DNA testing says mostly SL-34, but SL28, SL14, and some old Bourbon types exist in the region)
  • Extra Info – Kawacom started in Uganda in 1999 – buying parchment and selling mostly Bugisu semi-washed (farmer processed coffee). In 2012 Kawacom completed the build out of a washing station in Chema / Sipi Falls in the Eastern Part of the country on Mount Elgon. (Kawacom owns the only rights to sell coffee as “Sipi Falls” and is the only company that can sell coffee under that distinction.) In the last 3 years Kawacom has expanded in the region of Kasese in the west of Uganda on the Rwenzori Mountains with their Maliba project. (Maliba is currently only natural process coffees.) Kawacom also expanded in the Northwest of Uganda with their White Nile project which started in 2017 as washed coffee, but in 2018 offers both washed and natural.

    The Sipi Falls washing station in the community of Chema was originally only focused on the area of Kapchorwa, but now buys cherry in 2 adjacent areas of; Kween and Bulambuli. Kawacom has been doing super high quality Naturals for 3 years now, and has been making them better and better. The washing station selects specific days when they know and can work with the community to get better cherry selection. Gamatui is known as one of the areas were farmers are a little more dedicated to quality and why we selected this area to work with.

NOTE: Since we are a small batch single origin roaster, we roast weekly for consumer orders.

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