The Slow Clap

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Single Origin Coffee – Sigri, Bunum Wo, and Kindeng Estates, Papua New Guinea


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The Slow Clap is the type of cup that starts good, gets better and ends great. A complex and interesting cup: traditional, warm flavors combined with subtly bright tangy, juicy and sweet notes make for the perfect Summertime jam. Perfect served hot with your Summer morning porch breakfast, or amazing iced on a humid afternoon. This is the type of coffee you just want to hang out with.

The Technicalities

  • Processing Method – Washed
  • Estate – Sigri, Bunum Wo, and Kindeng Estates
  • Location – Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands
  • Altitude – 1550 – 1600 meters above sea level
  • Soil type – Volcanic
  • Shade trees – Albiza, Casuarina, Old-growth trees
  • Rainfalls year – 2200mm
  • Ave temp – 24°C
  • Crop period – April to October
  • Flavor NotesJuicy, Tangy & Sweet
  • Extra Notes – While we aren’t the only ones importing green coffee from Papua New Guinea, we are the only importers with our own Kula processing method. The Kula processing method is comprised of raised-bed drying, two rounds of color sorting, and two rounds of hand sorting. This results in a total of six stages of sorting after the parchment has been dried. This process includes destoning, screen size grading, desometric sorting, double color sorting, and finally double hand sorting. Floaters are also sorted out in two different stages of the wet process. This level of rigorous sorting results in a clean and crisp cup!

NOTE: Since we are a small batch single origin roaster, we roast weekly for consumer orders.

Additional information


12oz, 5lb


Coffee Maker/Auto Drip, Espresso, French Press, Pour Over/Chemex, Whole Bean


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