The Mountain Cabin

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Single Origin Coffee – Montebonito, Colombia


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The Mountain Cabin is the kind of coffee you want to drink when you’re camping. Nutty, with a hint of burnt sugar and bourbon (and scents of maple when grinding the beans), it pairs perfect with Wintery mornings and breakfast food. More traditional than some fruitier coffees, but far more interesting than your classic blend, this coffee is both a crowd pleaser while somehow still being the perfect coffee to drink alone while taking some nature in.

A note: during the COVID-19 outbreak we are offering to grind coffees for online orders while we have the capability to. We reserve the right to inform you and cancel an order, refunded in full, assuming we do not have the ability to grind coffee anymore due to restrictions in accessing our equipment. Ground orders may also take slightly longer to ship or deliver. If you wish to have your coffee ground, please leave a note in your order stating how you brew your coffee and we’ll do our best to grind it to your specific needs.

The Technicalities

  • Region – Montebonito, jurisdiction of Marulanda
  • Processing Method – washed
  • Flavor Notesnuts, bourbon & burnt sugar
  • Variety – Colombia, Typica
  • Extra Info – Montebonito, jurisdiction of Marulanda, is a small town located deep in the mountains of the state of Caldas, Colombia.Surrounded by green cliffs and clouds, it stands at 1,850 meters above sea level not far from the famous snowy volcano “Nevadodel Ruiz.” Income in the area comes solely from agriculture, with products like sugar cane, bananas, plantains, and avocadosdominating the landscape, coffee being the most important. With a sad and unjust past, being attacked twice by FARC guerrillas,once on the day of the presidential election on May 24, 1983 and again on March 5, 2005, the town was almost destroyed, rosefrom fear, and is now the source of some of the best coffees in the region.

NOTE: Since we are a small batch single origin roaster, we roast weekly for consumer orders.

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