The Confidante

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Single Origin Coffee – Southern Nyamagabe, Rwanda


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Hey you. We’ve got something to tell you, but we need you to keep this between us and us only. This coffee is absolutely delicious. It’s the kind of coffee that you’d trust with your first born, or maybe just your deepest secrets. Who knows. What we do know is that this Rwandan brew is popping with sweet citrus and grapefruit notes that make you want to sit on a beach and write your autobiography or something.

The Technicalities

  • Processing Method – Fully Washed
  • Flavor NotesCitrus, Sweet & Grapefruit
  • Partner – Rwanda Trading Company
  • Location – Southern Nyamagabe, Rwanda
  • Varietals – Red Bourbon
  • Altitude – 1,700 masl

NOTE: Since we are a small batch single origin roaster, we roast weekly for consumer orders.

Additional information


12oz, 5lb


Coffee Maker/Auto Drip, Espresso, French Press, Pour Over/Chemex, Whole Bean


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