The Common Plum

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Single Origin Coffee – Finca el Conejo, Honduras


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It’s late Summer. You’re on a road trip. You stop at an u-pick farm and find some plums. You know, the type that aren’t distinctly blue or purple, but rather both, and they’re soft because they’re so ripe but they aren’t quite bad yet. This is no grocery store plum. This is a real plum: sweet, succulent, juicy but not overwhelming. Subtle but scrumptious. That’s what we call The Common Plum. This coffee embodies the best parts of ripe fruit coffees without any of the acidity or acrid taste that can come out of more citric coffees. It’s one of the cleanest naturally processes beans we’ve ever had, but doesn’t lose what can make natural coffees so special: that hint of fruit that pops in the cup. Whether you want brew a batch cold for a Summer cookout or enjoy an espresso, this coffee stands out as unique but not challenging, a crowd pleaser but a connoisseur specialty. We think you’ll love The Common Plum.

The Technicalities

  • Processing Method – Natural
  • Estate – Finca el Conejo
  • Producer – Joel and Delmer Banegas
  • Location – Los Planes, Comayagua, Honduras
  • Altitude – 1550m above sea level
  • Varietal – Red Catuai
  • Certifications – Direct trade
  • Crop period – December to March
  • Flavor Notesplum, ripe fruit & sugar
  • Extra Notes – De La Finca family members and fifth generation coffee farmers, Joel and Delmer, are two young entrepreneurs who were given a plot of land by Joel’s father (Joel Banegas Sr, Finca Mira Flores) to start growing coffee. Delmer took full responsibility for maintaining the land and workers while Joel decided to go to college to study agricultural engineering and specialize in coffee. They have joined forces to make Finca el Conejo one of the few experimental coffee farms in the Comayagua region.

NOTE: Since we are a small batch single origin roaster, we roast weekly for consumer orders.

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12oz, 5lb


Coffee Maker/Auto Drip, Espresso, French Press, Pour Over/Chemex, Whole Bean


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