learning hand-brewed coffee – 3/31/19


learn hand-brewed coffee methods such as pour over, Chemex, AeroPress & more

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an educational class hosted by Ben Trojan, co-owner of overwinter coffee, at our 9 genesee st location in downtown Buffalo, NY. includes a 12oz bag of overwinter whole bean coffee of your choice!

class to be held on 3/31/2019 from Noon until 2pm.

at this class, hand-brewed coffee methods will be covered and brewed by participants, such as:

  • pour over
  • french press
  • Chemex
  • Clever Brewer
  • AeroPress© (if time permits)
  • japanese iced coffee method: new for Spring!

participants will learn how to extract the best coffee from these methods by learning pouring technique, coffee grinding technique, water quality and other factors contributing to flavor & taste. basic coffee history and the reasons that single origin coffees taste so different will be covered too!

limited availability: only 8 spots because our location is tiny.